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What can an equipment class do for me?

Mobility. Stability. Strength. Resilience.

You flex, extend, side bend and rotate your body throughout the day to accomplish everyday tasks. Some motions or postures are easy so you use them repetitively and others are harder so you don’t use them at all. Over time these Movement and Postural habits as well as injuries can limit your bodies full movement capability and resiliency.

This is where The Movement Company and our training shines. We will create a well-balanced program that moves the entire body in all directions. We will coach you on how to get more mobility (more range of motion) throughout your body…maybe even in places you didn’t know you had any! We will challenge your new found range of motion with a variety of stability tweaks such as increased balance, speed or weight….based on your needs.

So what’s class like?

We move you on specialized Pilates Equipment called for the Reformer, the Cadillac and the Stability Chair. Each piece of equipment offers hundreds of diverse exercises from Beginner to Advanced. The equipment can offer more support should you and your body need it or offer it can be amped up with more weight, resistance and stability challenges if that’s your goal. Your Coach will use the equipment to help load your muscles (which is a lengthening of the muscle) into explode (which is the shortening of the muscle) so you feel stretched and strengthened during and after the class. These classes are 50 minutes long and are limited to 4 people so you’ll receive tons of attention and feedback from your Coach.

The Movement Company Invermere BC - Pilates on the Stability Chair


The Movement Company Invermere - Pilates reformer

The Reformer….sounds scary but it is actually very friendly. It consists of springs, pulleys, and a sliding bench. From Footwork to planks to integrated abdominal work…it can transform you and your confidence. It is exceptionally adaptable giving your Coach hundreds of exercises to choose from so your workouts are never boring.


The Cadillac….no its not a big car silly … It is a raised bed with a tower at one end that holds a variety of resistant springs, bars and Stroops slastix® bands which can be attached to your hands, feet, knees or even your waist. Due to its versatility, your Coach can challenge you sitting, standing, on your back, front side or even a combination of these :).  Again you will feel stretched and strengthened due to the full integrated body workout you will receive with the Cadillac exercises.

Stability Chair

The Movement Company Invermere BC - Pilates on the Stability Chair

The Chair…also a deceiving name… is a chair sized bench with handles and pedals attached to springs for resistance allowing us to make the exercise easier or harder. Because of the Stability Chair’s simplicity, muscles and balance are more challenged and isolated. The “Core” is integrated into the chain reaction of the full body exercises.  The chair can challenge the elite athlete but can also assist those new to exercise, prenatal clients or those who are post rehabilitating.

True Stretch

The Movement Company - True Stretch Cage

The TrueStretch …invented by the Father of Function, Dr. Gary Gray, “allows the human body to achieve improved flexibility and range of motion by keeping the body in natural weight-bearing upright positions that enable truly functional stretching.  The TrueStretch has the unique ability to safely stretch the body in all three planes of movement and is ideal for restoring and maintaining muscle and joint flexibility in order to play, work and feel better.”

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