Move On the Mat

Move for fun • Move with stability and mobility • Move for life

What can a mat class do for me?

Mobility. Stability. Strength. Resilience.

You flex, extend, side bend and rotate your body throughout the day to accomplish everyday tasks. Some motions or postures are easy so you use them repetitively and others are harder so you don’t use them at all. Overtime these Movement and Postural habits as well as injuries can limit your bodies full movement capability and resiliency.

This is where The Movement Company and our training shines. We will create a well-balanced program that moves the entire body in all directions. We will coach you on how to get more mobility (more range of motion) throughout your body…maybe even in places you didn’t know you had any! We will challenge your new found range of motion with a variety of stability tweaks such as increased balance, speed or weight….based on your needs!

We’ll move you on the mat, on your feet, and sometimes on your hands. Sometimes we use weights, balance and resistance equipment and sometimes just an open room where you may leverage your own body weight. Sometimes we make you jump or hop or jop! We’ll teach you some really cool exercises that you’ll actually enjoy doing! We keep our classes small so we can give you personalized coaching, encouraging your success and transformation through movement tweaks that help you specifically. These 50-minute mat-based group classes (up to 8 participants) will give you an integrated full body workout. You’ll recognize the pilates exercises tweaked and updated to reflect the newest in exercise science from the great Gray Institute.

Get a move on!

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