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"We see in order to move; we move in order to see.”
― William Gibson

About The Movement Company

Its simple. Move well and Live well!

Our goal at The Movement Company is to help you move your body with mobility, stability, endurance and strength in daily life, in recreational or pro sport. We combine the Philosophy, Principles, Strategies and Techniques of the Gray Institute’s  Applied Functional Science™ with the Programming of Merrithrew Stott Pilates™, Total Barre™ and Zenga™ programs to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. We use the power of our training to help you increase your performance, whether you’re rehabilitating, maintaining fitness or training for sport

Passion, Education & Experience

We started out as Pilates Pursuits in Invermere in 2007. We are and always have been, passionate about understanding movement and helping clients achieve their movement goals.  Exercise and Movement Science has evolved over the last decade and we wanted to evolve with it so we supercharged our pilates training with the world class Gray Institute’s Applied Functional Science™ and 3D Movement Analysis and Performance System™. We decided to change our name to The Movement Company to more accurately describe what we do and why we do it. Our hope is that you come visit us and see what we are doing…we really, really believe that this combination of philosophy and training will help you MOVE better!

The Movement Company Invermere - Pilates reformer
What makes The Movement Company seriously cutting edge?

You flex, extend, side bend and rotate your body throughout the day to accomplish everyday tasks. Some motions or postures are easy so you use them repetitively and others are harder so you don’t use them at all. Overtime these Movement and Postural habits as well as injuries can limit your bodies full movement capability and resiliency.

This is where The Movement Company and our training shines. We will create a well-balanced program that moves the entire body in all directions. We will coach you on how to get more mobility (more range of motion) throughout your body…maybe even in places you didn’t know you had any! We will challenge your new found range of motion with a variety of stability tweaks such as increased balance, speed or weight….based on your needs!

Skill. Endurance. Strength

Mobilize your bones, joints and muscles for correct and healthy movement – sounds textbook – but what this means for you – being able to turn your neck to shoulder check for oncoming traffic, walk strong, run swiftly, reach up, bend over, twist and pick up a child, hike a trail or ski around a mountain or beat your handy cap on the golf course …follow your passion and do it well throughout life. When our movement feels right and strong and we can move dynamically for hours we have reached our fitness goal. When we move and live healthy all our fitness and life goals are achieved.

The Movement Company - Pilates & Applied Functional Fitness
Training for function

Functional Fitness means focusing your training with exercises that optimize your body’s motion, flexibility and control through all joints and tissue for all life activities. We want to be your partner in increasing YOUR performance whether it is for a specific sport, for overall health and fitness or your rehabbing from an injury. We will help you create a training program that will look and feel like your sport and help you get better at your sport…really!! The goal will be YOUR goal in increasing your movement biomechanics so you can perform better in Your life’s passions.

Wanna have strong functional abdominals? Then you better have great mobility and stability in your feet, hips, upper spine and shoulder girdle! We’ll watch your entire body move but don’t be surprised if we focus on your foot or shoulder to get your abs to work better!! We train your “core” muscles to manage and transmit forces between your bottom half (feet, legs, hips and pelvis) and your top half (ribcage, shoulders, arms and hands and heads)….we train them to be integrated globally.

The Movement Company Invermere BC - Pilates on the Stability Chair
Our Movement Classes

Your Movement Coach will create a well-balanced program that moves your entire body in 3 Dimensions whatever class you choose. We’ll move you on the mat, on your feet, and sometimes on your hands … in all directions. Sometimes we use weights, balance and resistance equipment and sometimes just an open room where you may leverage your own body weight. Sometimes we make you jump or hop or jop! We’ll teach you some really cool exercises that you’ll actually enjoy doing! We keep our classes small so we can give you personalized coaching, encouraging your success and transformation through movement tweaks that help you specifically. We hope to offer you constant diversification of movement while ensuring your movement is bio-mechanically integrated so you can move to your highest potential.

Get a move on!

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