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"MOVEMENT IS KING . Movement gradually suppresses the pain system . Movement helps you learn . Movement protects you against other problems . Movement is the best way to recover . Even imagining movement is helpful." Professor Lorimer Moseley

We live to Move.

We love where we live and we love what we do! Each of us is highly motivated to lead an active life here in the mountains. By training ourselves, we keep our bodies balanced and ready for all the activities we love doing here in the Columbia Valley.

Our Certified and Energetic Team

The Movement Company combines quality instruction with small class sizes to produce a highly personalized, warm environment where you’ll receive the utmost in attention. Our instructors are Fellows of Applied Functional Science™ from the  Gray Institute and certified through MERRITHEW™’s Stott Pilates, Total Barre™ and ZEN•GA™ .

The Movement Co - Invermere, BC
Patti Acheson

I am a Fellow of Applied Functional Science™ (FAFS), A Certified Pilates Instructor and a Functional Golf Specialist. I completed the GIFT Fellowship with the Gray Institute in 2016, PlayCoachMate Fellowship with the Gray Institute in 2018 Functional Golf Specialty in 2018 and completed my full Stott Pilates Certification in 2005.

My primary inspiration is the Gray Institute’s Applied Functional Science which utilizes the Biological, Physical and Behavioral Sciences to understand the human body and how it moves. Our body moves as a continuum, a Chain Reaction™ so the body needs to be analyzed as a whole.  The goal is to help you improve your movement and performance and discover more motion, more stability and more power in your body.

I am passionate about teaching clients how to move and strengthen their bodies so that they can be strong and pain free in their daily activities, work and recreation. Over the years, I have had the privilege of working with clients from all walks of life. People who want cross training and those new to exercise, seniors and teenagers, prenatal and post natal clients, men and women. I am especially proud of the results achieved by clients who came after rehabilitating from a major trauma.

  • Fellow of Applied Functional Science™ through Gray Institute
  • Functional Golf Specialist™ through Gray Institute
  • Certificate in Applied Functional Science through Gray Institute
  • Certificate in 3D Maps Movement Analysis and Performance System through Gray Institute
  • Stott Pilates ™ Certification in Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrels and Injuries & Special Populations
  • Total Barre™
  • ZEN•GA™ Matwork
The Movement Co - Invermere, BC
Alexis Krueger

Life is full of beautiful, intelligent and complex movement.  My ambition is to understand that movement and how the physical and psychological world contribute to it.  My passion is educating people about their bodies and aiding them in movement; so that we all might bring strong, confident bodies to the backcountry, garden, sports field or wherever your passion takes you.

With a degree in Exercise Science, STOTT PILATES Instructor certification and an invaluable education from Gray Institute I appreciate my ever growing movement tool box and use my education to create purposeful, quality and functional movement plans for individuals of all ages, body types and set goals.

I am grateful for the opportunity to guide people through movement at The Movement Company.  I enjoy meeting and working with new people and look forward to spreading the awareness, strength and confidence that I have gained through my own movement journey.

  • Fellow of Applied Functional Science™ through Gray Institute
  • BSC In Exercise Science
  • Functional Golf Specialist ™ through Gray Institute
  • Stott Pilates ™ Certification in Matwork and Reformer
  • Certificate in 3D Maps Movement Analysis and Performance System through Gray Institute
  • Total Barre™

Becky Wiegert

Sport and physical activity have always played a major role in my life and I am grateful to be in a position to help others enjoy the freedom of movement and the life-long benefits of physical fitness.

In addition to my training through STOTT Pilates I currently hold certifications through the BCRPA as a Group Fitness Instructor, Weight Training Instructor and Personal Trainer, and through the Gray Institute in Applied Functional Science and 3D Maps.  I regularly attend continuing education courses and workshops to enhance and my knowledge of how the body moves and explore ways in which I can apply this learning while working with my clients.

I have been part of the Movement Company (formerly Pilates Pursuits) team since 2011 and am committed to planning personalized and challenging workouts for my for clients, helping them achieve their fitness goals, improve performance and ultimately enhance their ability to enjoy and participate in life.

  • Fellow of Applied Functional Science™ through Gray Institute
  • Stott Pilates ™ Certification in Matwork, Reformer, Injuries & Special Populations
  • Total Barre™
  • Fitness Leader Certification in Group Fitness, Weight Training and Personal Training through BCRPA 
  • Certificate in Applied Functional Science through Gray Institute
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