What class should I sign up for?

Move with precision • Move with flow • Move with power

Wanna know where you should start with us? We hope the descriptions below will help. They apply to our On the Mat classes and our On the Equipment classes.
If you’re just starting out on a new fitness program, or are recovering from injury or just want to see what we do at The Movement Company, we also offer a one hour Introductory Private for $50. If you’re not sure, give us a shout and we can talk about your goals and how we can help you achieve them. Enjoy!

Quality of motion is the priority here so we’ll use essential and low impact exercises to help you get it…everywhere.

We’ll add the challenge of increased pace, load and complexity motions to these classes.

More weight, speed and flow = more challenge is the name of the game but most importantly you have so much fun cause you own your movement, your body and your life.

  • You wanna get moving and your haven’t moved in awhile
  • Your recovering from an injury and ready to get strong
  • You need a break from the kids or your workmates
  • You wanna learn and feel what your abdominals actually do … and avoid ab crunches

  • All the reasons in 1 plus you felt so great after your 1 classes you want more…your hooked!
  • Exercises that challenge the boundaries of your range of motion and balance
  • Resistance and balance equipment will be incorporated to help you load those muscles so you can explode into action.
  • You feel awesome and you can’t believe how great the 1 and 2 classes make you feel during, after and when you are pursuing your other passions in life.
  • Your Mobility has increased so you can touch your toes without tweaking your back
  • Your Stability has increased so you can touch your toes on one foot then while catching a frisbee (that’s for you Jose).
  • Your want more and we love that you do.
  • You’ll move faster through the Intermediate and Advanced exercises and you’ll transition to the next exercise without a break increasing speed and endurance.

Get a move on!

We're on the move right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.

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