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Our goal at The Movement Company is to help you move your body with mobility, stability, endurance and strength in daily life, in recreational or pro sport. We combine the Philosophy, Principles, Strategies and Techniques of the Gray Institute’s  Applied Functional Science™ with the Programming of Merrithrew Stott Pilates™, Total Barre™ and Zenga™ programs to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. We use the power of our training to help you increase your performance, whether you’re rehabilitating, maintaining fitness or training for sport.

We started out as Pilates Pursuits in Invermere in 2007. We are and always have been, passionate about understanding movement and helping clients achieve their movement goals.  Exercise and Movement Science has evolved over the last decade and we wanted to evolve with it so we supercharged our pilates training with the world class Gray Institute’s Applied Functional Science™ and 3D Movement Analysis and Performance System™. We decided to change our name to The Movement Company to more accurately describe what we do and why we do it. Our hope is that you come visit us and see what we are doing…we really, really believe that this combination of philosophy and training will help you MOVE better!

The Movement Company - Personal fitness coaching
The Movement Company - functional fitness - running
The Movement Company Invermere - Pilates reformer
Your Movement Coaches

Experienced. Educated. Dedicated.

Small class sizes. Highly personalized, warm environment. Certified instructors.

We love where we live and we love what we do! Each of us is highly motivated to lead an active life here in the mountains. By training ourselves, we keep our bodies balanced and ready for all the activities we love doing here in the Columbia Valley. We are Fellows of Applied Functional Science from the Gray Institute and are Certified in CAFS™, 3D MAPS™ AND Stott Pilates™, Total Barre™ and Zenga™

Move for your life

Hiking. Skiing. Golf. Walking. Gardening. Dance.

Move right so you can do what you love, safe and strong for many years.

Functional Fitness means focusing your training with exercises that optimize your body’s motion, flexibility and control through all joints and tissue for all life activities. We want to be your partner in increasing YOUR performance whether it is for a specific sport, for overall health and fitness or rehabbing from an injury. We will help you create a training program that will look and feel like your sport and help you get better at your sport…really!! The goal will be YOUR goal in increasing your movement biomechanics so you can perform better in Your life’s passions

Our Fitness Philosophy

What the heck is Applied Functional Science™?

Applied Functional Science™ is Functional Fitness at it’s best.

It is movement analysis and training rooted in the physical, biological and behavioral sciences that views movement as a chain reaction or continuum to train for functional purposes.  Have you ever had a sore spot or one that lacks mobility or strength? Have you tried specific stretches or exercises to help but with no lasting results…us too!!  Let us help you look at the your movement through the AFS™ lense to discover what other parts of your body may be contributing to the movement deficit. By tweaking your movement or position you might just get the results you want. The Mobility and Stability exercises should then be targeted to help YOU keep the results.

So what's class like?

3D Movement.

Your Movement Coach will create a well-balanced program that moves your entire body in 3 Dimensions whatever class you choose. We’ll move you on the mat, on your feet, and sometimes on your hands … in all directions. Sometimes we use weights, balance and resistance equipment and sometimes just an open room where you may leverage your own body weight. Sometimes we make you jump or hop or jop! We’ll teach you some really cool exercises that you’ll actually enjoy doing! We keep our classes small so we can give you personalized coaching, encouraging your success and transformation through movement tweaks that help you specifically. We hope to offer you constant diversification of movement while ensuring your movement is bio-mechanically integrated so you can move to your highest potential.

The Gray Institute and Merrithew programming is an overarching bio-mechanical system of full body movement supported by exercise science and the newest findings in fitness that effectively exercises muscles together as part of a chain reaction, in 3 dimensions: you walk away from class stronger, more mobile, stable and more able. And you never really walk away from class, because this kind of integrated training is important for your body throughout your life. We encourage you to make a class a regular part of your week throughout the year– we run all the time just like you do.

Movement in all directions

Its simple: Move well and Live well!

Get a move on!

We're on the move right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.