Performance Enhancement? Repeat injuries? The solution begins with how we move - our habitual movement patterns shape our health and performance.

Figure it out with a professional movement coach

We really, really, really focus on YOU in our private training sessions! The Movement Company is your partner in increasing your performance, whether it is for a specific sport, for good old health and fitness or rehabilitation from an injury. The goal will be your goal as well as maximizing mobility and stability to increase your movement and strength so you can perform better doing what you love to do.

Why Private Training?

We focus 100% on YOU and YOUR movement.
You’re an athlete who wants increased performance specific to your sport.
You’re new or returning to exercise after a hiatus.
You hurt and you want us help you find out how to move without hurting.
You’re shy or an introvert and want the place to yourself.

Your first session is comprised of a movement assessment and a chat about your goals…your health, fitness and life priorities so we can create and environment and an exercise plan that you will enjoy and is tweaked to your unique needs.

Even though you have specific areas that require attention, we will look to enhance your whole movement patterns (chain reaction). This may be increased strength with weights and resistance or increased balance and flexibility … or all the above.

We definitely put you in our TrueStretch and do some specific functional, active stretching to get motion in areas of your body that need help. Then we’ll make you work with some strength exercises so you own that new motion you gained in the TrueStretch. We will incorporate our equipment or just move you in an open room…whatever it takes to help you be successful is what we’ll do.

The Movement Company Invermere BC - Pilates on the Stability Chair