Sport-Specific Fitness™

Targeted training improves your skill and endurance doing the activities you love. Our Targeted Functional Fitness classes are designed to support the activities you love.

“Work hard and be proud of what your achieve.” – Nike

What can a functionally fit focus class do for me?

Mobility. Stability. Strength. Resilience.

Move right so you can do what you love, safe and strong for many years.

Functional Fitness means focusing your training with exercises that optimize your body’s motion, flexibility and control through all joints and tissue for all life activities. We want to be your partner in increasing YOUR performance whether it is for a specific sport, for overall health and fitness or rehabbing from an injury. We will help you create a training program that will look and feel like your sport and help you get better at your sport…really!! The goal will be YOUR goal in increasing your movement biomechanics so you can perform better in Your life’s passions.

Get a move on!

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