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Move at Home

Join us from your home, your holiday or your business trip for live streaming online group classes or private training! We use so you can use your smartphone, tablet or desktop… it’s super convenient, easy and fun.

Move at Home

Group Classes

Join us for our live online group classes. It is easy! Choose a class on our schedule and then email or call us to sign up.

Move at Home

Private Training

If you’re looking for a personalized exercise program designed to address your needs: specific fitness goals, post rehabilitation, or a sport specific goals, Private Training is for you. We will assess your movement, and then put you through some exercises and movements tweaking and customizing them for you! If there are specific movements that require more flexibility or strength or are giving you pain we will help with those too.

$30 Video addition!
We will record a 20 minute personalized, custom workout simple and easy to follow so can you can practice till your next session.

Golf Fit at Home

Golf Fit at Home

Join us from your home range for this 4 week online class to condition your body for the game of golf. This class aims to improve your mobility (flexibility) to increase your range of motion in your hips, spine, shoulders and arms; stability (strength) to prepare your body for the control and endurance for those 18 hole games.

This class will be a combination of 4 live streaming classes (50 minute each) and 4 home practice videos.  Following the Live class, we’ll send you a 30 minute video to your inbox for practice till your next class. And when the class is complete, you’ll receive a 20 minute video that you can keep and use to keep you mobile and stable throughout the season!

Move at Home with our Free Videos

Check out our collection of free videos to keep you moving when you cannot attend a class. Each one includes a Mobility and a Stability component to keep you moving for about 10 to 30 minutes…your choice.

Check out all our videos

The Movement Company is creating new videos regularly to keep you moving and engaged. Check out our Vimeo Channel for more!