Move In Small Groups at the Studio

Mobility • Stability • Strength • Resilience

Start with us to enhance your Movement Based Lifestyle

If you’re just starting out on a new fitness program, or are recovering from injury or just want to see what we do at The Movement Company, we also offer a one hour Introductory Private for $50. If you’re not sure, give us a shout and we can talk about your goals and how we can help you achieve them. Enjoy!

You flex, extend, side bend and rotate your body throughout the day to accomplish everyday tasks. Some motions or postures are easy, so you use them repetitively and others are harder, so you don’t use them at all. Overtime these Movement and Postural habits as well as injuries can limit your bodies full movement capability and resiliency. This is where The Movement Company and our training shines. We will create a well-balanced program that moves the entire body in all directions. We will coach you on how to get more mobility (more range of motion) throughout your body…maybe even in places you didn’t know you had any! We will challenge your new found range of motion with a variety of stability tweaks such as increased balance, speed or weight….based on YOUR needs!

Move with 4

In our Move with 4 classes you’ll receive tons of specific, personalized attention, feedback and tweaks from your Coach based on YOUR movement patterns and YOUR goals.

We will also incorporate the specialized Pilates Equipment The Reformer and The Stability Chair into your workout to offer support should you need it or to amp up your workout with more weight, resistance and stability challenges. Your Coach will design a program that will use a combination of open space, small weights and the Pilates Equipment to give you an integrated full  body workout so you feel stretched AND strengthened during and after the class.

The Movement Company Invermere BC - Pilates on the Stability Chair

Move with 6

In our Move with 6 classes we use small equipment such as weights, balance and resistance equipment and sometimes just an open room where you may leverage your own body weight.

Sometimes we make you lunge, reach, plank, balance, squat or jump and then we will combine movements and do it in multiple directions! We may even have you get down on a Mat as we utilize the ground as another tool or tweak. Whatever we do, the focus will be on You and optimizing your Mobility and Stability for YOUR life.

The Movement Company Invermere BC - Pilates on the Barre

Our Rates

Move at Home Move with 6 Move with 4 Private Training
Single session $18 $18 $28 $70 (very first class $50)
5 class package $75 $75 $120 $325
10 class package $140 $140 $240 $650
20 class package $260 $260 $480 $1300
30 class package $360 $360 $720 $1950