Updates, functional movement skills and holiday cheer!

Happy Holidays Movement Co Community

This year has presented new challenges, uncertainties and opportunities.  One thing that we are absolutely certain of is we are so incredibly grateful to each of you, for our little community and for the continued support and joy you all share with us.  Thank you.

We will be taking some time over the holidays to rest, reflect, rejoice and study.  The studio will be closed from December 23rd to January 3rd.  We look forward to moving into a new year with you.

Starting in January we’ll be back to our small group classes in the studio, private sessions, we’ll be continuing on Zoom and we’ll be back in the Community Center. Please refer to our schedule as there will be a few minor changes.  We always love seeing your faces in the studio and will do our best to accommodate schedules so you can join us.

If you were moving with us in the studio before the recent closure, expect an email from us to touch base and make a plan for the new year.  If you are wanting to get back into the studio in the new year here is a break down of classes that will be offered and prices, classes will need to be preregistered.

Move with 3 in studio – $24
Move on Zoom – $14
Move at Community Center – $14


We’re excited to introduce our new monthly video series that will offer simple, efficient exercises that address a specific part of the body so that we can move with more mobility and stability throughout the whole body.


The functional movement series will address movements as skills that need to be practiced for improvement and understanding.  See this months movement skill below and practice often!

Over the holidays we will complete an advanced Foot and Ankle Speciality  with our friends and mentors at the Gray Institute – all things foot and ankle – rehab, prehab, pain and performance!  We look forward to sharing our knowledge and putting our best foot forward to help you do the same…see what I did there? 🙂

What is the anterior hip?

Simply – the front of the hip.  A little more detailed – it includes the bones of the pelvis and the femur, connecting in a ball and socket joint; the connective tissue including 5 large ligaments that make up the hip capsule, and 22 surrounding muscles – 22! It’s complex because it needs to be, it moves in 3 planes of motion all 6 directions and directly interacts with the low back, thoracic spine, shoulders, knee and ankle.

Why is mobility and stability of the anterior hip important? The hip is the largest, most force absorbing,  one of the most powerful and mobile joints of the body.  As you take a step forward, your back leg anterior hip is responsible for decelerating the body weight moving forward.  As the joint moves into extension, and the soft tissue lengthens and loads (stretches) becoming a powerful leg swing forward… ready for your next walking step, running or skiing stride.

But the anterior hip doesn’t get a lot of love.  With much of our day spent sitting we’re creating a shortened and tightened, flexed anterior hip.  All of our upright activities require an extended anterior hip.  So when we decided to take that afternoon run, walk or skate, chase kids around the house or even just stand up, that anterior hip may not have the resources necessary to efficiently complete the task.  Anterior hip tightness can lead to knee injuries, low back injuries or tightness, dysfunction in the thoracic spine and shoulders and the ankles! The hips effect the entire chain.

Learning, practicing and understanding a functional movement skill to give the anterior hip more mobility, more stability more resources to support the rest of the body can reduce pain, tightness, can make the body more efficient and create more power.  We encourage you to move that anterior hip as often as you can.

Mindful Moment

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but building the new.


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