Sunshine, Spring & Your Highness Gluteus

Hello Movement Co Community!
We sure are enjoying the sunshine and the longer days and hope you are too.

Lots happening at the studio these days and we can’t wait to Move Outside with you soon!  As we transition into a new season and new activities there is no better time to work through any aches and pains or better prepare your body for spring and summer recreation.  Private sessions are the most efficient time to work on individual goals.  Individual goals deserve individual plans, attention and skill training – that’s a private session.  We focus 100% on YOU  and YOUR movement.
So whether you’re an athlete who wants increased performance specific to your sport (weekend warriors count too) – or – you’re new or returning to exercise after a hiatus – or – you hurt and you want some help finding movement without pain – or – you’re shy or an introvert and want to place to yourself.  We’re here for you and all your private training needs, call or email to schedule.

Your Highness Gluteus

Back Hip, gluteus maximus, butt cheek, booty, derière, call it what you will but understand it deserves respect, attention and functional training..Your Highness Gluteus, maybe?

Similar to the front hip, the back hip includes the bones of the pelvis and femur, connecting in the ball and socket joint, also includes the 5 large ligaments, and through motion directly and indirectly activates dozens of muscles.

As we learned last month the hip is the largest, most powerful and mobile joints of the body and arguably the back hip is where most of the power, control, deceleration and explode happens. Functionally our back hip is always working.  The glutes get loaded in all 3 planes of motion – in flexion, adduction and internal rotation.  Every time your foot hits the floor as you step forward, your back hip is integral in decelerating the whole body!  Every time you lower yourself into a chair, your back hip decelerates you for a soft landing.  Running – big time load and explode.  Gardening –  all back hip.  Picking up kids or grandkids – hello back hip!  Back hip tightness and lack of mobility is one of causes of shoulder and neck disfunction, knee pain and low back pain.  Your Highness Gluteus is your body’s best friend, it’s literally got your back.

There are exercises everywhere you look for a “stronger” derière.  But they often only incorporate one plane of motion.  But if our back hip is so important and always working don’t the other two planes of motion matter?  Absolutely.  That’s why we approach the back hip 3 dimensionally, while integrating the whole leg, foot and ankle, low back, thoracic spine and shoulders – it’s aaaaalllll connected, so let’s train that way.

Learning, practicing and understanding the functional movement skill of the back hip will give your hip more functional mobility and stability – key ingredients to full body efficiency, power and control. So get up and move your booty!

Mindful Moment

Rest – Be present – Breathe – Grow