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Well, we’ve always been here, but now you can come back ūüôā

We’re happily opening the studio for¬†group classes (up to 3¬†people).¬†All covid protocols will remain in place and we couldn’t be happier to see those masked, smiling faces! Zoom classes will¬†continue, as well as private sessions. Book a session to prepare your body for the golf, hiking and gardening season or for working out the kinks of being at home on Zoom, aallll the time.


MONDAY – 11:00AM

Check out the full schedule to see all that’s happening. Contact us to resume any in studio group classes, join an outside class or to book a private.


Ten (or so) Fun and Nerdy facts about the Foot & Ankle

‚ÄúWhen the Foot hits the ground everything changes.‚ÄĚ
– Dr. Gary Gray

  1. The Foot has 26 bones….that is a lot of bones and joints!! And they all have a role in everything we do on our feet!
  2. The Ankle has 12 strong muscles supporting it plus all the ligaments and tendons so considering its complexity, mobility and stability of your Ankle is important in your training.
  3. The joint between the ankle and the heel is called the subtalar joint and it is a torque converter. It converts rotation of the leg (tranverse plane) into a side to side movement (frontal plane) of the heel and vice versa.
  4. The anatomical name for the¬†Big Toe is THE GREAT TOE‚Ķ so it’s¬†pretty special‚Ķ well, at least it thinks so.
  5. THE GREAT TOE requires 60 to 65 degrees of flexion for normal gait. That means at least 80-90 degrees for a stretch in flexion.
  6. First the Foot and Ankle is a shock absorber when the foot hits the ground. Then the Foot and Ankle needs to be able to reverse this motion to become stabile and a strong platform to propel off of.
  7. SOOOOOOOO what you put on your feet when you are moving about really matters! Flip Flops maybe not so good …just saying!
  8. Why did one foot not get along with the other foot? Because both of them can not be rightūüėā.

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